Royal Caustic Soda is one of the most widely used chemicals in the industry.The raw material of this device is industrial salt, produce sodium hydroxide and chlorine by electrolysis. The main process contains: first brine—secondary brine—electrolysis—dechlorination–chlorine and hydrogen processing etc. Compare to the dissepiment method and hydrolyzing method, This device adopts ionic membrane to produce caustic which is the most advanced technology of the world, it has many advantages like lower consumption of power, higher quality, less pollution, lower cost and easier operation etc.. High purity ionic membrane liquid alkali has low salt and HCL content, easy to process solid alkali, is convenient for products transportation and storage, has large market, and strong competitive power and contingency. This device can be added follow-up machinery of which sodium hydroxide condensing, hydrogen chloride, liquid chlorine, sodium hypochlorite and Poly Vinyle Chloride.


Over capacity to produce chlorine and essentially 100% of the capacity to manufacture caustic soda, NaOH are based on the electrolysis of brine. In this process a sodium chloride solution is electrolytic-ally decomposed to elemental chlorine, and sodium hydroxide solution and elemental hydrogen.


The electrolytic road for making caustic soda, by using sodium chloride as a raw material, is a different process, i.e., for each 1.10 kg of sodium hydroxide produced, one kg of chlorine is also made. This ratio is referred to as an electron-chemical unit.Membrane cell technology is a relatively latest development. This technology differs from diaphragm cell technology in that the solutions each electrode are separated by a membrane rather than a diaphragm. actually membrane is very selective and primarily allows the migration of sodium ions from the anode chamber to the cathode chamber. Moreover, saturated brine enters the anode compartment of the cell where chlorine gas is liberated. Since only sodium ions can pass through the membrane to the cathode, the caustic soda contains substantially less sodium chloride.