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We are going to export leather  different items like cap, bag, Jacket etc. We Roayl Taiba one of the leading manufacturers to exclusively offer chrome-free leather for our seating line, We are committed to using materials and manufacturing processes that are safe and sustainable.

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Our alternatively tanned leather is manufactured by Salam Tannery, a carbon neutral tannery, and does not utilize chromium,
a harmful chemical used in most methods for tanning leathers. Rather, artificial or synthetic vegetable tanning is used to
ensure our leathers are free from heavy metals, reducing the risk of causing harm to the environment during production and
to the end user.
The result is a premium leather that exceeds royal taiba industry standards in performance and durability.

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Wedding Fashion

A really top corrected grain leather created to provide a much more natural aesthetic while ensuring that the leather is as unique as the hide itself.


The result is a premium leather bag in fact that exceeds royal taiba industry standards in performance and durability.

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Leather can be produced at manufacturing scales ranging from artisan to modern industrial scale.

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Daisey Dress by Kaja Clothing

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Lyle Vintage Leather Holdall

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Royal leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal skins. The most common raw material is cattle hide.



Bentonite Powder- Superior quality of royal taiba bentonite powder mined from selective area and then processed under strict quality control to yield optimized rheological properties to meet civil application requirements especially pilling, diaphragm...

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ceramic raw material

We are a leading Royal taiba rganization engaged in offering a wide range of China Clay which is available in different forms such as granule, powder and lumps. It is a natural mineral which can be denoted chemically by the hydrated aluminum silicate.We utilize highly...

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