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Welcome to Our ShopRoyal Ceramics is one of the upcoming ceramic manufacturing company in Bangladesh.  Royal taiba had the aim of using raw materials available in Bangladesh in manufacturing quality Table wares. Shop Now...

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Tableware Features Of Ceramics A ceramic is an inorganic solid material composed of metal and nonmetal or ceramic atoms primarily held in ionic and other ceramic bonds. Royal Ceramic is one of the upcoming ceramic manufacturing...

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Royal Earthen Ware Royal earthenware is glazed non vitreous pottery which has normally been fired below 1200°C. Porcelain fired at high enough temperatures to vitrify, are the main other important types of pottery. Royal...

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Hello! Welcome Elegant consumers looking for purchasing high-end products and generally choose products from the unorganized shop due to the relatively lower prices—and subsequent lower end products—compared to the organized...

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Royal Taiba

Royal ceramics ltd Royal Ceramics is to form the joint venture, the co-venturing partners...

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Corporate office

Dhaka Office:166-167, Al-Razi Complex (3rd Floor) Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam Sharani, Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh. Email: WhatsApp: +8801-822601362

Phone: +8802-9586881; Fax:+8802-9586882

Factory: 883 Bagadi Road, Ichali Ghat ward 11 Chandpur Shadar. Chandpur, Email: royaltaiba@gmail.comPhone: WhatsApp: +1-806-401-7400 Website:

USA Office

USA office- 4100 The Woods Dr. San Jose, CA 95136, USA.

Factory Janata Bricks, Shanteer Hat, Chor Shomaya, Vola Shadar. Bhola, Email:
Phone: +1-806-401-7400