Bentonite Powder- Superior quality of royal taiba bentonite powder mined from selective area and then processed under strict quality control to yield optimized rheological properties to meet civil application requirements especially pilling, diaphragm walling, back filling grouting, tunneling etc. We have few stocks now and will be more supply as per your work order soon.

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Bentonite Powder- You might be interested to know that we are providing the construction ingredient Bentonite powder piling grade for our customers in Bangladesh.

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  •       No                                                Parameter                                                  Specification
  • Moisture % (ARB)                                                                       12%
  • Viscosity meter dial @600 rpm                                                60 min
  • Free swelling (2g/100cc)                                                           30 min
  • Yield Point/Plastic viscosity ratio                                             6.0 max
  • Filtrate volume                                                                              18 ml max
  • PH                                                                                                      9~10 max
  • Liquid limit                                                                                     600 max
  • Marsh viscosity (4% bentonite) instant                                     36 sec
  • Marsh viscosity ( 5% bentonite) instant                                     55 sec
  • Montmorillonite                                                                               85% min
  • Mesh 200 passing through                                                            90%
  • Packaging- Powder,         20 Taka per Kg        25 Kg Bag HDPE laminated
  • Warehouse: Nayabazar Degree College Road, Pachdona, Ati Bazar, Keranigonj Model, Dhaka-1312, Bangladesh.Tel: + 88 0140 3001088. or +88 0140 3001066.