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Royal Ceramic forming techniques are ways of forming ceramic shapes and firing. This can be used to make everyday tableware from teapots, to engineering ceramics. Methods for forming powders of ceramic raw materials into complex shapes are desirable in many areas of royal technology.

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Any Joint venture partner is invited here in Bangladesh and thus Technology investment! $1 million among $10 million only…..All other logistics support will be provided by royal taiba. Joint ventures are frequently used when a domestic company wishes to enter a foreign market. The joint venture structure allows the domestic company to seek a short-term, project-specific relationship with a company within that foreign country.

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Such methods are required for producing advanced, high-temperature structural parts such as heat engine components, re-cuperators and the like from powders of ceramic raw materials. Typical parts produced with this production operation include impellers made from stainless steel, bronze, complex cutting tools, plastic mould tooling, and others. Typical materials used are: wood, metal, water, plaster, epoxy, silica, and zirconiam.

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One of the benefits of a joint venture is its lack of permanency. As opposed to a partnership, which can create a number of responsibilities, duties and obligations on the part of each partner, a joint venture generally only obligates its partners to those specific duty world market and obligations set forth in the Joint Venture Agreement

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One of the benefits of a show or table pieces of ceramics is its beauty household for a standard family. We are planning to export to different countries as their cultures varies with norm and beauty and with a joint venture generally it’s perfect  as no obligates its partners to those specific duty world market.

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Ceramic is made by forming a clay body into objects of a required shape and heating them to high temperatures in a kiln which removes all the water from the clay, which induces reactions that lead to permanent changes including increasing their strength and hardening and setting their design and shape.


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We aim to be the first, most preferred and trusted choice for all customers in Chandpur, Bhola and Comilla. We shall endeavor to innovate and discover new ceramic products to fulfill our responsibilities in this field and continue to build lasting relations by delivering to the global market, best in quality yet cost effective solutions and world-class products.

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With royal taiba sanitary ware EBCL attractive looking, toilets and basins by Royal Group have evolved design towards a total bathroom concept in which every element works together in harmony. Nevertheless, to encourage water saving in the bathroom, Royal includes various techniques in its toilets that generate water savings compared to standard systems. Royal has been developed utilizing our extensive knowledge and understanding of the washroom factory. Taiba have designed a high performance range of sanitary ware with cutting edge design which is suited to all sectors and budgets, including the residential, healthcare, education and commercial washroom markets.

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Royal collection boasts ultra-modern and stylish designs that are purpose built to allow for easy cleaning and operation. With products available for all applications including hotels, commercial, residential, education, taiba is confident that Royal will exceed your requirements and expectations ensuring the right solution for every stage.

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EBCL started the trial production on 1st April 2014. We have variety of designs in varied shapes and size of sanitary ware. They are all available in more than 15 color with special finishing such as hand painting , double color, sticker, rustic, marble design etc. We are promise to deliver them conforming to the quality standards and excellent design with low price.
Euro Bangla Ceramics Limited continues to stay at the forefront of the sanitary ware industry and maintain its status as a premier bathroom and dining solutions brand in Bangladesh.


Royal Ceramics Limited is one of the upcoming ceramic manufacturing company in Bangladesh. Our target is to build a long term business relationship with our customers. Outstanding quality is our promise to every single customer. We hope you would be our next business partner. And hence overseas entrepreneur is welcomed for JV as well. 

Royal Bentonite

Royal Bentonite clays are returned to an authorized redemption message center and to the original seller in some jurisdictions, the deposit is fully refunded to the redeemer. In both cases the collected post-consumer bentonite is taken to center where it is sorted and separated from other materials such as unwanted objects made out of other rigid plasticity, hardness, fluidity, flexible such as those used for buildings. Post-consumer it is seriously sorted into different quality fractions. The emergence of new brown colors further complicates the sorting process for the export quality.

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The manufacture of ceramic products takes place in different types of kilns, with a wide range of raw materials and in numerous shapes, sizes and colors. Please contact with us immediately for the investment or the quality product.

The general process of manufacturing ceramic products that for the manufacture of wall and floor tiles, household ceramics, sanitary ware and technical ceramics often a multiple stage firing process is used.

In general, raw materials are mixed and cast, pressed into shape. Water is regularly used for a thorough mixing and shaping. This water is evaporated in dryers and the products are placed by car in the kiln

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especially in the case of periodically operated shuttle kilns – or placed onto carriages that are transferred through continuously operated tunnel or roller hearth kilns. For the manufacture of expanded clay aggregates, rotary kilns are used.

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During firing a very accurate temperature gradient is necessary to ensure that the products obtain the right treatment. Afterwards controlled cooling is necessary, so that the products release their heat gradually and preserve their ceramic structure. Then the products are packaged and stored for delivery.

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The Royal ceramic industry will be export-oriented with 40% of its production is sold outside the country. It is generally competitive both domestically and on international markets. However, since the last decade the market situation has changed considerably with the rise of low-cost products from new competitors in emerging and developing countries while persisting trade barriers prevent effective access to important new local markets.

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The Royal ceramic industry will be export-oriented with 40% of its production is sold outside the country. It is generally competitive both domestically and on international markets.

Ceramic forming techniques are ways of forming ceramic shapes and firing. This can be used to make everyday tableware from teapots, to engineering ceramics. Royal Ceramic Ltd. a family owned company was founded by Engr. Md. Atiqur Rahman who pioneered manufacturing of technical ceramics in Bangladesh. During Royal Group journey of over 2 years, Royal Industries has garnered rich manufacturing experience and today is considered to be among the leaders in this field.

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